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New product: Infini-T (tm) Auger  | Auger Screw Conveyor Animal Feeding Systems | Infini-T, Cape Town


Infini-T TM Auger

Patent pending: RSA Patent Application No 2015/01609

The world’s First Continuous Length Auger with lengths in excess of 3,000m!

Technical Systems presents a revolutionary breakthrough in auger manufacturing, as required by the market.

Having waste due to short auger coils?

Not maximising container loads?

Presenting longer auger coils, not welded or brazed, is a solution equating to enormous savings. The ability to measure and cut your own lengths as and when required will result in 100% yield savings.

An addition to supplying longer coils, Technical Systems also supplies auger handling/coilers to measure , control and to cut to accurate coil lengths.


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Technical Systems welcomes you, to our world of efficiency, productivity, continuous engineering improvement and customer satisfaction.

Our aim is to support your business success by means of quality products and flexibility to suit the demand for feeding systems in the global OEM livestock industry.

Technical Systems is a key manufacturer and world-wide distributor of livestock feeder equipment.

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Featured Product

Featured product: Round Drag Auger  | conveyors, augers, auger conveyor feeding systems, conveyor systems, conveying feeding systems for broilers and breeders, Infini-T auger

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Research and Development has led to another product addition.

We proudly present our latest featured product, Round Drag Auger, also to be used in feed conveying systems, with bends.


Technical Systems | Exporter of the year award | 2017

Congratulations – EXPORTER of the YEAR 2017

At an awards dinner hosted by the ECIC/ Cape Chamber-Western Cape, Technical Systems has been proudly awarded with 2 trophies:

ECIC/ Cape Chamber of Commerce Western Cape Exporter of the Year Trophy 2017

Overall winner as an Exporter meeting the following criteria:

  • Export % of their products and/or services
  • Continuously involved in product and/or service improvement 
  • Increasing employment 
  • Increasing their export turnover and new markets 
  • Implementing creative and innovative ways to export into challenging markets

Engineering / Manufacturing Trophy

  • The best Exporter in the Engineering/ Manufacturing sector

Thank you all for your contribution to these achievements!